Little advice needed on plan

I completed SSBMV2 just before Christmas break. Since then I’ve been doing random rides - race in zwift here, loop in some remote area there. I’ve been getting in around 100 miles a week.

I want to get back in to structured training now I’ve had my fun. Where do I go from here? Back to base 1? Carry on with build? Advice needed please.

Use the plan builder or try it and see what it gives you.

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Check this out.

I dig the plan builder, but as far as I know it is not “aware” of your recent training history. That is, it won’t “know” you recently completed 12 weeks of base; it only knows how much time you have left before your goal event(s). So in all likelihood it will put you back in base.

I would go right into build. Or repeat the final 2 weeks (plus the recovery week) of SSB2 and then go into build.


I’d go straight into build. With zwift racing, you’ll have done some intensity and sat on the trainer, but if you feel rusty doing intervals, pick 1-2 workouts from base and do them before going into build. If build feels exceptionally hard (even after doing a new ramp test), repeat a bit of SSB2.


So did the Ramp Test and FTP gone up from 237 to 254 so gonna crack on with Build as I thought I was worried I lost it. w/kg now at 3.48 meaning I’m getting over closer to the 4 w/kg target :pray: thanks for all your input

Btw in total that’s an increase of 224 to 254 since starting trainer road 14 weeks ago. So thanks TR🙏 Everything you teach really does work

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