New to the forum and asking advice on plan

Hi everyone I’m new to the forum but have used trainer road for a while and I’m an avid podcast listener. 5 stars all round.

I have a few mountain bike events planned but my priority race is a 100 mile road one in June next year. I haven’t trained in about 2 or 3 months due to moving all my training stuff to a new location. I’m thinking about starting back on General build phase then moving to a specialised century plan closer to the event.
Anyone think I should go back to base phase or is starting at build going to be okay? Not done a ramp test yet so I don’t know yet how far my ftp has plummeted.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Start with base then. You’ve got enough time to do a proper base phase


Agree with above. If you have the time, do base again. You’ll probably get more out of your build phase if you’ve got some good base to rely on


+1 on base. @jacemano @onemanpeloton

2-3 months off the trainer without racing can result in a noticeable decline, so going back to base is a good idea.

Also, the Century Specialty is similar to SSB anyway, so better to do SSB first to maximize your gains in General Build.

Thanks everyone. All set up for a ramp test tomorrow to see where I’m at. Be interesting to see how bad I am now! I got up to around 290 in the summer so I just hope it starts with a 2 still

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