Help deciding on next training plan please

Hi everyone this is my first post in the forum but I’ve been using trainer road for a while now.
My dilemma is I’m coming to the end of MVGB plan and can’t decide on which plan to pick next. I’ve done the LVGB straight into the MVGB obviously feeling a little tired now as it’s the last tough week before the easy last week. I’m not feeling mentally tired and feel like I can crack on with another build plan maybe after an easy week.
My background is I race Crits in the UK which are usually around 40mins. I’m more punchy than steady state but would very much like to improve on that side of my arsenal. I have until April before racing starts proper over here.
If any of you could give me some guidance then I’m all ears.
Do you think I should carry on with the general build or sustained power build or even something else ? Thanks in advance :grin:

With around 16 weeks to the start of April, you could step back to something like Sweet Spot Base 2. Then move into Sustained Power Build to try and focus on your weakness. And roll into the Crit Specialty for use during the “season” or cherry pick the final 2-3 week from it for a taper into early races. Depends a bit on how you want to handle races and/or the season.


Thanks for the quick reply Chad your suggestion sounds like a solid idea. The easier sweet Spot sounds appealing as I’ve accumulated a couple of niggles and the less strain would give them a chance to heal up. Should be 100% then for the sustained power build and speciality. :ok_hand:

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Make sure to check out the new tool. It could prove very handy for your planning.


Thanks Chad I’ll take a look

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Not sure that SS is easier, just different! If you’re a punchy rider then powering through short intervals with regular recovery may well seem a lot easier than slogging along at a high % of FTP for 15-30 minutes at a time…


It certainly is a different kind of pain just uncomfortable for me but tolerable . V02 max I enjoy but after needing physio treatment a couple times to address some injuries that I’ve been carrying for the last few months in my calves and quad. I couldn’t complete longer interval blocks of V02 because of the pain. My legs will at least thank me for the break lol.

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