Took a 2 month break from training due to work, how should I come back now?

Hi guys, I’ve been using trainer road since April 2020 and it has been going great. But since August, I took a break from cycling to focus my attention to work. Now that I once again have downtime and can train again, I realized that i am not sure how to come back to my plan. Should I go start where I left off? Or do I do what is planned for me today and skip the past 2 months of training?

Thanks in advance.

Where were you in your plan when you left off? Was it a complete break for 2 months?

I’d suggest starting with ramp test and using plan builder to build yourself a fresh plan.

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I was in the specialty phase of my plan and yes, it was a complete two month break. Thank you for the tip, I’ll do a ramp test again.

Definitely start with a new plan.


Yeah, back to base

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I have just had 4 months off any training for medical reasons (prostate problems and an op). I returned by gently easing into to short turbo sessions, 20-30 mins, and then building up to 20-30mile easy outside rides. Just seeing what was there still…

Then I slowly started SS Base 1 LV. I dropped my FTP from around 240 to 210. (I find it is better to assume lower and ease it up, than have it too high, fail sessions and get demoralised. I can always up a session’s percentage at towards the end if feeling good.). I will be frank, some weeks I did not do all the sessions, or pushed a week back. 8-10 weeks later I started racing Time Trials again. I am now well into SSB LV2, and have raised FTp by 5W and finding I can up the % on some sessions.

The TT season here in the UK is now finished, so i am basically building for next year. I plan a month of Zwift mountain climbing (just for a change) in amongst the TR sessions and winter rides.

There is something about “Going for a bike ride” rather than “Going out Training” that gets my head back in this stuff. Variety helps me anyway, especially at this time of year and the season.

I suggest a lot depends on when your next event/big race is, and how you want to prepare from here… or just enjoy cycling again…

I hope this helps.


I would start with an easy week of pedaling, delaying any kind of FTP testing for a week or so. Personally, I would find an assessment fairly demoralizing after such a long break and would spend a bit of time just enjoying being on a bike.