Is polarized low volume, too low? off season/pre season with dialed health Oct-Dec

I am planning my October - December training calendar.
I signed up for dialed health and will do 2 workouts per week at home (with minimal equipment).
I am trying to decide what low volume plan to do to try and maintain as much fitness as possible, without over doing it.
I will admit, at this point in the season I am feeling like I need a bit of a break. The last 2 weeks of Sept will be this, nothing too structured.
However, I am not sure what low volume TR plan I should do while I am doing the dialed health workouts.
I was looking at the specialty, enthusiast, maintenance plan?
I was also thinking about SSB LV.
Then I also thought maybe polarized low volume could be good.

Problem with the polarized plans are I really can’t see myself ever doing 2 hours on the trainer (I ride in the morning and I don’t want to get up this early).
I have also heard the polarized plans are really not meant for low volume riders.

Any feedback to help me choose which plan would be welcomed.

Yeah, getting in BOTH threshold and VO2Max workouts in a week, while following 80/20 is hard with low volume. The MV POL plan is nicely balanced, but the LV plan less so.

I’d suggest perhaps taking a look at Traditional Base LV leading in to SSB LV. The longer rides in TB are on the weekends if getting up early is an issue. Or just TB LV I & II, then SSB.

Can you up the frequency of the low volume plans?

Last winter (Oct-Feb) I mostly an hour a day of zone 2 (6-7 days per week). I rode outside maybe one a week if weather cooperated. I also did some light work with dumbbells - squats, walking lunges, etc.

I maintained my aerobic fitness pretty well. My FTP drifted down a bit but in the spring it came back up quickly with a little sweet spot/threshold and then two short VO2max blocks. I hit new all time highs in July.

I am a fan of TB MV plans but just started Polazired LV to test it out as I wanted to see what AT was like with it since TB is not included. For me the 3 days of cycling on the plan is totally fine as I know I usually ride 5 (7-8 hours weekly) and the extra 2 days I am doing endurance style rides to fill in the gaps.