Low vol or mid vol with skipped workouts

The last couple of years I have been doing mid. vol plans skipping the easy recovery workout and also skipping the Sunday workout for a 3-4 hour unstructured endurance ride outside on road or gravel bike.
With AT I decided to do the low vol sweet spot base plan and have just finished week one. Then I dont have to skip workouts.
But compared to the mid vol plans the Saturday over under workouts are much easier, so I am wondering if this is a good choice.

Either works really but you could also go into workout alternates on Saturday and choose a longer/harder OU workout. Is it that they’re too short or or too easy? If you just started using AT it may take a couple workouts to get your levels to where they should be.

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The 1 1/2 hour Alternates are not as hard as in the mid vol plan. Maybe it will adjust over time.

You should be able to pick something harder, but AT I would think would eventually give you harder workouts too.

I do a LV plan, but I ride 20 hours a week.

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Keep in mind that when the plan is added to your calendar through plan builder it comes adapted to your progression levels. So even if you chose the MV plan it still wouldn’t have the same workouts as you see in the plan screen. As you train and rate the easier workouts as a lower score on the post workout surveys it will eventually adjust and bring you up to where you should be. So in the mean time you can either wait for that to happen or just choose and complete a harder workout to bring your levels up.

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Thanks for your responses I will keep my current low vol SSB 1. and add outdoor unstructured and social rides

It’s worth taking a look at the (experimental) Polarized Plans - these include long endurance rides on weekends, which can easily be done outside.

How do you structure your week around a LV plan? I’m yet to rejoin TR but I will be soon with the release of AT. All my rides are outdoors this year as I have no space for a trainer, so it means I have to bulk training on the weekend with shorter more intense rides in the dark during the week. I wasn’t sure TR would be helpful with this setup

In the off season I ride my 3 indoor rides during the week and my long outside ride saturday or Sunday. At the light returns I take all my workouts outside.

With your setup with outside rides only you could take the 2 shorter workouts during the week, Even though its dark and the longer workout saturday and maybe a social / unstructured long ride sunday.

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I am not really training right now, taking a break between seasons so I am just doing some easy stuff during my 30 minute lunch break at work. Some 30 minute endurance or sweet spot stuff mostly. I brought my dumb trainer to work and set it up in a mechanical room where my tools are.

But when I am doing intervals, I just head out for my commute home, and hit the bike path a few miles away. Do my scheduled workout, then head home. Probably ends up being 30-40 miles. Though I am thinking about either swapping out some workouts and/or repeating workouts for some longer rides.

On my non intervals days I just do my commute or ride my MTB for fun (my GF likes to do some rides in the evening after work too and I join her).

I don’t do any workouts on weekends. I spent 4 hours at the climbing gym Saturday, did a 6 hour ride on Sunday. I don’t need to do a trainer workout on the weekends. 27 hours last week, which is more than typical.

Just did my second over-under workout and AT suggested adaptions - some slightly harder over-unders in the weeks to Come. So I guess everything is just fine:).