Adding volume to LV polarized plan

TL;DR What is the optimal way to add occasional volume to a low volume polarized plan?

Context: My A race is behind me and I have a few months until my next B race. I followed the SS base, sustained build, and century progression (all low volume) and am currently sitting at an all-time high FTP (289, 4.2 w/kg).

I’ve been curious about trying the polarized plan since the beta launched so I recently swapped my build phase for the 8 week LV polarized phase. I know I might stand to further my FTP progression through the normal build phase but I prefer riding outside and the additional Z2 rides in polarized make that easier.

On occasion I like to add a weekday morning ride or extend my weekend ride by an hour or two. Any advise for the right types of workouts to add to stay aligned with the polarized methodology? Does it even matter? Hit the easy button and go with whatever train now says?

I’m not interested in bumping up to the MV plan. With a demanding job and toddler in the house, I’d rather nail a LV plan with occasional bonus hours than feel stressed about sticking to a MV plan. Any and all input is appreciated. Cheers!

LV and MV are almost identical except that in LV you get 1 vo2max or 1 threshold workout in MV you get them both. So you you could do MV and skip one hard workout either the threshold or vo2max depending on the workout you did the week before otherwise add z2

I’ve just completed my first LV polarised base. Starting FTP was 275 (I think because I didn’t accept the AIFTPD drop after finishing my Century speciality) and FTP is now 283. I did the following:

Changed the endurance rides to outside and as I don’t have a power meter just rode using RPE/HR for longer than the workout but for as much time as I could spare.

I didn’t like the drop in V02Max PL as the plan alternates with Threshold every fortnight, so I didn’t accept the adaption for it. I also added an extra V02Max (in the Threshold weeks) where I could find the time as I read somewhere that they are important for the middle aged :smiley:

Hope that helps!

Yeah you want to be sure to be including them once you hit 40.

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Hmmm. Maybe have another look. Unlike with the other plans, LV to MV is only one additional workout, not two.

I think MV is quite a bit better, as you’re hitting VO2 Max and Threshold once a week, which is so much better than alternate weeks.