Viable adjustments to polarized low volume plan?

Hello, I am looking for a fall plan to do while I start up some strength training 2 times per week. I was looking at the polarized low volume plan as I am cognizant of burying myself with not enough recovery between trainer road workout and dialed health workouts (being masters age athlete at 46 with only about 4 years endurance training built up). I am concerned sweet spot base or the maintenance plans will be too much intensity during the week in combination with the strength training.
I will workout on successive days and not do double day workouts (e.g. TR in AM strength in PM).

Other constraint is I do not have time for more than 90 minutes on the trainer in one sitting.
So my question is for the days that have 90 minute plus rides, what am I giving up if I cut that ride to 90 minutes but increase other rides with the corresponding amount (e.g. for 60 minute ride days I can increase them to 75-90 minutes to achieve the same or more total weekly ride time at the prescribed intensity).
I hope that makes sense.

Sample week may be:
Monday - TR 1
Tuesday - Strength
Wednesday - TR 2
Thursday - Rest
Friday - TR 3
Saturday - Strength
Sunday - Rest

Thank you for any feedback or suggestions you can share.

How about LV traditional base? I think the first block would require minimal adjustment; the second has rides going up to two hours but you could adjust as described above.

Depends on what you think will keep you motivated and interested.