Ironman Training Plan - Filling in Gaps

I’m a few weeks out from finishing the base Ironman low volume plan. I started my training a bit early and now need to account for a few gap weeks before IMMT in mid-August. Following the base-build-and specialty plans in order will leave me about 6-7 weeks short.

What can I incorporate, let’s say for 3 or 4 weeks between each phase? Should I follow the first or second half of a sustained power build plan? Or perhaps just focus on a lot of VO2 work for a few weeks between each? Or just stick with the Ironman plan as is and repeat a few weeks of rides to gauge improvement?


Rather than adding 4 Weeks between each Phase of training, I would recommend completing 6-7 more weeks of Base before starting Build. This will help you build a huge aerobic base, which will pay off in a big way on race day.

If you’d like to mix things up and not do the exact same plan again, I would recommend sourcing your rides from the Sweet Spot Base Plan. This will allow you to get a bit of variety and keep the workouts interesting :+1:.

Great, thanks for the reply!

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