Give me advice on my current plan

My A race is ironman wisconsin in september. I am currently doing ssb mid vol 1 and will be doing ssb mid vol 2 after which will take me about 2 weeks away from starting the full distance plan which i plan on doing mid volume base and build. Hi volume speciality. I guess my question is it alright to do both ssb and full distance base back to back? I am also mixing in around 20-25 miles running weekly and 1-2 swim sessions. Thanks

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You can absolutely add Sweet Spot Base into your Triathlon Training Progression, in fact we recommend it! You can never have a base that’s “too big” :wink:


A block of traditional base before a sweet spot base plan is another option that comes highly recommended, I think under the theory that sticking to one kind of stimulus too long can generate diminishing returns.

Alright thanks for the advice from both of you. I think i will stick with ssb due to the fact I am currently on week 2.

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I’d advise against switching volume at the speciality stage, and against high volume in general. You really don’t want to burn out in the last eight weeks before race day.

Factor in a few weeks for gaps; holidays, busy work/life weeks, illness etc.

If you’re going to focus on bike now, I’d consider resting the run and swim until starting the tri plan.