Ironman Training Scheduling

I’m on week 8 of the Base Phase for the Full Distance Triathlon Base (doing high volume plan). My concern is that I have 11 weeks until my race (IMTX). Given that I don’t have enough time to complete the base phase, build phase and specialty phase, I’m wondering if anyone had any advice on how I should best proceed? I’m considering calling it done on the base phase and moving onto the build phase. My guess is that the last 3-4 weeks before the race will largely be comprised of outdoor riding either way, weather permitting. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

When preparing for an event, we do not recommend “skipping ahead” in the plan. With 11 Weeks Left, I would recommend the following progression:

IM Base (Week 9-12)
IM Build (Week 1-6)
IM Specialty (Week 8)

IM Specialty Week 8 will serve as your taper week and will lower your volume while keeping the intensity up. This is desined to let your legs “freshen up” while retaining the snap you’ll need for excellent race day performance :boom: