36 weeks till A race

Hi guys - Ironman was my A race this year. Trained for it mostly doing hilly rides on the road. Not much in terms of using my power meter since I was coming back from injury and wanted to be extra careful.

After Ironman, I took 9 weeks of casual training (the no-plan plan!). I feel like I lost quite a bit of fitness in these 9 weeks…

My next A race is a half Ironman 36 weeks out from today. I’m tempted to do 12 weeks sweet spot base, two 8 week build cycles, and 8 weeks specialty.

Is two cycles build phase (8 weeks each), done back to back a good idea?

Maybe there is a better idea to structure my plan?


I’ve done something similar in the past, I’d take a break during or between the two build phases. Honestly, if your legs don’t need a break your mind will. It’s a solid plan, and with 36 weeks until go time you should be able to see some improvement, rest, improve, rest, then race.

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