Base, build, now what for Autumn Ironman Wales

Hey guys,
I am fairly new to structured training and traineroad. I started last autumn and have completed:

Sweet Spot base 2 mid vol ftp went from 257-269
Sustained powerbuild mid vol ftp went from 269-285

My main event is Ironman Wales in September though I have a half ironman in June and various sportives and run/swim events between now and then.

I am just a little unsure of how to progress through the year. I am not a massive fan of the tri plans as I already have my run and swimming plans sorted independently through clubs. Should I look to repeat the base/build phase and then a speciality phase closer to the event?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

You have 28 weeks which is perfect for a full base, build, and speciality with 2 weeks spare for contingency. Unless the other events are important just do that and treat the half as a B/C and the sportifs as Cs.

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Thanks for the reply. Do you suggest the full distance plan? I guess I could just delete the swim and run workouts and do then on my own agenda?

Tri isn’t really my event so I wouldnt feel overly qualified to suggest that to you. Im not sure if there is a better alternative though given what appear the very specific needs of a full distance tri.

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If it is the timescale @brenph says then that advice is good. Unless you’ve got a good reason why not to do it I’d stick to the Full Distance Tri plans either with their swim and run workout suggestions or substituted for your own.

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