Incorporating the weekend club ride into a training plan

Hi folks,

I do most of my training according the the TR phased plan which undoubtedly ‘makes you faster’, however it doesn’t result in the most social of training plans. I still like cycling with others and generally like to join a club ride 2 or 3 times a month on the weekend which is usually 120-130km at 30-33km/hr (5-6 hrs inc. a coffee stop)

I’m certain that there are loads of people that are in a similar position and I’d love the plan builder to incorporate some functionality to accommodate this club ride within my training plan automatically.

Does anyone else think this? Is there a workaround that I’m not aware of?

I believe you can enter your club rides as races and the Plan Builder will adjust. You might have to play around with the A vs B vs C rating to get the effect that you want though.

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As @bclarkson said, you can add those rides in as an A, B, or C level event and PB will craft your plan around it. Alternatively, you can use the old guided wisdom from before PlanBuilder which is to replace your long and hard weekend workout with the ride (usually the one for Saturday). For something of the length and intensity you describe, it will more than cover the TSS of one of those workouts. You may even skip the endurance ride the following day if you’re on a mid volume plan to get in proper recovery for your next hard workout (assuming this kind of ride isn’t a regular part of your weekly training).

Not sure if this is frowned upon in the grand scheme of things, but Sundays (and occasionally Saturdays) are my flexible days, where there is an outdoor workout scheduled in the plan builder, but I often don’t follow it for that day (I’m doing the MV plan). Monday and Friday are rest days, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the hard interval days, Wednesday is a short endurance ride. The planned Saturday and Sunday workouts are usually 1:30-2:00 and 110-130 TSS, so 220-260 for the weekend. Looking at my ride history for this spring and summer, my weekends usually tally up to 260-450 TSS. I’ll usually incorporate the Saturday workout into Saturday’s ride, but the Sunday ride is my “have fun” ride, which might be a 4-5 hour endurance ride, or a 2-3 hour hammerfest. I’m usually 100-300 TSS higher for the week than the plan calls for. Is this a good idea? Probably not? It’s working for me, and I’m having fun. Anyway, just my two cents, there’s always the option of just doing your club ride without trying to plan it in every time.

Going to caveat this with my club spin isn’t as fast or as far…

During normal times, Saturday is my club spin window. I follow mid volume, on a Monday to Saturday schedule. So my 3 key workouts are Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday with Sunday my day off. I then replace the Saturday “moderate” workout with the club spin.

If it was as fast as yours, I’d probably go creating them as races/ events as others have said.

If a club ride happens for me I tend to ignore TR. If it’s a particularly relaxed club ride I might squeeze in the TR ride after but I don’t feel obliged to. If I’d done nothing I’d feel obliged.