Help me tweak training plan to accomodate long weekend rides

Like many, I picked up TR because of the quarantine. I’m not training for an specific event or season, the reason why I train is to impress my pals on our long weekend rides. This rides are long and often include long climbs. But since we are at different levels, long part of the rides are spent on zone 1., or waiting at the top of the climbs.

This is an example of one of the rides.

Right now I’m at Build-Med.

Which type of workouts should I substitute for these kind of rides? Any other suggestion of how I can modify my plan to accommodate the weekend rides, which are the only reason y ride and train?

Thanks for the input!

Removing workouts is possible but it can be confusing to decide which ones to drop.

Personally, especially during build phase for the first time, I’d suggest switching to the low volume version and then adding your weekend ride.

I would just change the days you schedule the workouts for when you use plan builder or manually add a base/build/specialty block. Then manually add a recurring ride for the day of the group ride with approximate time and TSS being close to what you normally wrack up for that ride. That is what I do.

I add rides to a low volume plan as I find it easier to mentally deal with adding rides vs. skipping planned workouts from a MV plan to ride outside and feeling like I’m going off plan. Plan your fun!

If you like how its going with Tue/Wed/Thur on the mid-volume plan, I’d be inclined to remove the TR weekend workouts and do the group ride on Saturday and a recovery/coffee ride on Sunday.

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