Plan - Builder Weekly Saturday Group Rides with Friends 3-4 hours

Im 56 and ride for fun, love TR as it makes me faster. Do the occasional Fondo and would like to do more including Peaks here in OZ in 2022.

My Saturday rides with friends are 3-4 hours and a lot of TSS, lot more than usual allocation in plan builder.

  1. Can you put a repeating outside ride in plan builder for every Saturday as a B/C event?

  2. Will plan builder adjust the Sunday Workout on high volume plan accordingly?


South OZ

You can add repeating events in Calendar but the “race” part of the dialog (which is the same as that used in Plan Builder) doesn’t have the repeat option so it would just be “rides” that lets you do that. You can’t add “rides” to Plan Builder, I suppose you could just make the Saturday workout an outdoor one.

I don’t think Plan Builder adjusts the subsequent workout - just tried with Medium Volume and playing around with duration and intensity of a Saturday event and it suggests the same workout regardless.

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If You put in as Race it will give you Recovery rides instead of training during the week,

Just do the Weekend ride , record on a Garmin and Power meter, If it high Tss , have a recovery day Sunday and start again on Monday with the Plan.

I Should have said delete what the ride was supposed to be on the Saturday.

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Isn’t the guidance from Coach Chad et. al. to just delete the normal ride for that day (in this case, Saturday)?

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Thanks for the responses, will continue as is and change the Sunday to recovery spin.