Incorporating Club Ride

Apologies if there is another thread but I couldnt find one similar enough.

Basically, I’m almost finished SSB HV2 (week 5 tomorrow) following which I’m intending to do General build. Originally I thought I’d just keep on High Volume, although I’m also thinking I’d like to start going along to a local social club ride on Saturday mornings.

So the question is how best to incorporate this into the plan. Should I stick to HV but just swap the Saturday ride out? (Or another days workout and rejig the days). Or do I choose MV and use the extra rest day for the Saturday ride (a kind of MV+).

I’m assuming there must be alot of people in the very similar positions, so interesting to see how you fit in club/group rides around the plan

I skip the weekend workouts and replace them with club rides. I do mv +1 and feel fine on the weekends. Our rides aren’t shootouts more steady and long but still 150-200 tss.


Ah so you go out Saturday and Sunday in place of 2 workouts? Do you keep the 2 rest days in that case?

I do my Saturday ride with my group. It’s always a hammerfest, sometimes to the detriment of my Sunday ride. I follow the plan as is during the week but weekends are Saturday outside and Sunday inside sometime on the MTB outside. Rest Monday and Friday, Wednesday easy endurance ride.

On Monday and Friday i ride easy try to keep my heart rate below 120. I ride indoors so it’s really easy.
I’ve been doing this for a year now and not once have I thought damn wish I didn’t pedal easy yesterday.

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Can you use tss from the ride to judge outside ride effort?

Yeah from the HV plan I’ve gotten used to just having the one rest day, but I have a feeling the threshold and VO2 stuff in build is going to take more out of me than long Sweetspot, but having the 2 rest days there will give me a bit more flexability

How hard is the group ride? You say social which for me translates to a pretty easy coffee type run, in which case I’d just swap it for an easy day. If it’s more of a hammerfest then need to try and figure out what kind of training stimulus you’re getting from it and which workout is corresponds most closely to.

I find the hardest rides to accommodate into a structured plan are the ones that fall between two stools e.g. A mostly easy ride with lots of coasting and z1 pedaling, but then a few hard sections where everybody sprints. Too hard for a recovery day, but nowhere near as much work as you’d do in a proper interval session. Best to either avoid those rides or park the ego and just cruise along keeping it easy while everybody else takes off up the road (assuming there is a regroup afterwards).

do the club ride and try to substitute it for another interval day. If it’s just a smash fest with on/off the gas for a while, take out a vo2max day. If you live in the mountains and it’s ftp climbing, sub that for a sweet spot day.

Just stay in tune with how you’re feeling and don’t get roasted from too much work.

the main issue with a club ride is that the pace isn’t dictated by you, so while you will get tired, it’s not the best training; BUT many tips and tricks can be learned on these rides.

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I find riding with my friends in the weekend is good to keep things fresh. It’s a hammer fest with everyone trying to outdo the other and I think it can help build how a lot of the local races around here can behave.

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I’m not sure yet - its a no-drop policy with coffee at the end, I reckon it will likely depend on who turns up tbh