In-Plan Workout Choices (New Idea 💡)

So as I work myself through TR mid volume plans, it seems like at times I am not looking forward to a particular workout (typically that third interval session on Saturday). For one reason or another I just don’t like the format of the workout or I just cant stand to do a third day of sweet spot intervals.

Since there are may ways to “skin a cat” why can’t the plan have some daily choices? Not every day, but maybe once or twice a week. For instance, Instead when I load the plan in my calendar, why can’t a particular day just load 3 workouts on Saturday? All three workouts would have the same end result, but maybe the interval duration and/or intensity is different. That way I would have a little choice/variety based on what I feel like doing that day. It would also allow me to personalize the plan more to my needs/wants. Then I simply just delete the other two workouts I didn’t do on that day (or the software deletes them for me).

If various workouts will accomplish the same intended goal for that day, why can’t I have some decision making power on what I feel like doing? Sure if I’m experienced enough I can do this myself and swap out workouts, but I’d like it more formalized.

What say you?


Interesting idea. There is an option for the Sunday ride in most plans. It is only housed in the Weekly Tips, where you can choose to do a longer Endurance workout vs the shorter Sweet Spot one that is in the plan.

But it is text only and must be added by the user manually. I think some more integrated solution would be grest.for that existing substitution option, and could be extended to your suggestion.

The issue I see is time to build and maintain that additional set of workouts. Not insurmountable, but it would add to the work list.

I wished for that the first time reading weekly tips. Seems like a straightforward evolution of the TR app, and I hope it happens soon as TR is currently working on “the apps.” The other evolutions being hinted at are bigger — adjustments within a workout, and workout substitutions within the plan on your calendar. Looking forward to seeing what TR brings in 2019!!


They always say they are choosing ‘physiological responses’. There may be a, admittedly hard, way forward of tagging workouts with their expected responses. Then plans become more of a these are the recommended way to hit these responses but picking from this bag will get you close.

The hard part is that many times the workouts are turning multiple dials at one time. So if you sub one workout that will likely lead to you being forced to sub another workout later in the week.

I think this is more towards this ‘never have to test again’ thing they have mentioned briefly several times. There’s a truffle in that dirt somewhere and I’m pretty sure they are rooting for it. Platforms like Xert are close but are just too far into the adhoc realm. Still needs to be an expert human in the loop at some point.

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You guys are getting warm!! I can’t say anything except that for now, you can use the “workout variations” option to choose a +1, -1, etc workout option that better suits what you’re feeling that day. Keep an eye out for more developments on this front. :wink: