Sustained Power Build-Mid Volume...modifying Sunday intensity

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a TR user for about 2.5 years now and I’ve always followed the plans exactly as they’ve been prescribed to me. But recently I’ve been debating on whether or not I really need to do a moderate workout on Sundays when I’ve already completed 3 workouts deemed as “difficult” on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I was thinking about switching the Sunday ride to an aerobic endurance ride so still get some good training stress, but not put myself in a zone when I’ve tiring myself out.

Dylan Johnson is the one that sparked my interest in this idea. He cited a variety of different studies that suggest 2-3 “difficult” workouts a week is more than sufficient for the build phase and that trying to add another day intensity, in this case sweet spot, could be detrimental to your overall progression as an athlete.

Like I said, I’ve been a user for over 2 years now and I don’t typically have too many problems with completing the workouts as they’ve been assigned, but a recent plateau has me thinking that maybe I’ve overcooked myself ever so slightly and substituting an sub-75% effort in place of the sweet spot may be what the doctor ordered.

These are all just some thoughts running through my head and I was hoping that those with more experience regarding this could chime in and share their experience. Thanks in advance, ladies and gentlemen.

In the weekly tips, a longer and less intense alternative is given for the sweet spot workout. So, in fact, the endurance ride is already part of the plan. I think the plans were originally designed with the endurace ride instead of the SS one, but it was too boring for most people.


On the calendar, click ‘Week X’ and it’ll give you a recommendation for a longer endurance ride instead of the Sunday workout

Yes, as @dwalraven mentioned, most of these have the suggestion of a longer endurance ride sundays but many people were not completing them as they were too long, so to get better completion, they changed these to shorter more intense rides instead, with the option in the weekly tips to do the endurance ride instead.

So no, you don’t really need to do another moderate workout, but make sure you’re making it a longer endurance ride to get the optimal benefit from your week.