Feature request: Build workouts around my routine rides

I am new to indoor riding on a trainer (~4 months) and very new to TR (just started). So far, I am very impressed by the quality of the product, the workouts, and the podcast which I’ve started listening to. So, thanks!

And, I apologize in advance if this was already discussed - I could not find a discussion of this specific topic.

So, to my questions: I spent a lot of time trying to build a training plan that works for me.
Here is the challenge: I have at least 3 rides each week that I don’t want to give up. For example, a 4-5 hour group ride each Saturday, and a 2-3 hour MTB ride on a Tuesday. Also, I commute to work about 3 times a week (45 minutes each way on hilly terrain).
Overall, I have been spending well over 10 hours a week on my bike/trainer during the last months.

For a training plan, I could choose a high volume plan and then tweak it so that these group rides and commutes will coincide with outside rides. However, for a variety of reasons, it is not realistic to even get close to what the designated workouts call for. (I’ve read the discussions about doing workouts outside)

Here is my suggestion:
It would be great if there was an option to specify these rides (duration, ,mileage, effort level) as “givens” when building the plan, and then have TR take them into considerations when adding the structured workouts. Of course this will not result in THE best plan, but it will probably be the best plan given these constraints (I don’t want to give up those rides which are a big reason for me keeping wanting to ride).

What I eventually did now, was to choose a low volume plan, and I scheduled the workouts on the few days that I don’t have any fixed rides, or in addition to commutes which are not that demanding.

Any advice thoughts would be appreciated,

Many thanks

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You should be able to add those rides a s “C-events” and the TR Plan Builder should work around them. It may not fully adjust as you want, but it’s worth a try to see.

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I am not sure that what you are after would make much sense. You state that you do a 4 to 5 hour group ride on Saturday, a 2 to 3 hour ride on Tuesday plus six 45 minute rides during the week. That’s 10,5 to 12.5 hours worth of riding. Even if you keep things easy that should be an easy 350 to 450 TSS per week. Assuming that all rides happen on different days that’s five work days per week, which is already quite decent.

I guess it would be the best for you to just follow the low volume plans and schedule the rides as you deem appropriate. Likely not on Sunday and Wednesday. Depending on how important the group and MTB rides are, perhaps also not on Friday and Monday which though wouldn’t leave you with a lot of options to be honest.

Perhaps have a quality workout every Thursday (VO2, Threshold) and an easy sweetspot workout on Sunday (if Saturday isn’t too hard)? Or alternatively schedule for Sunday a long endurance ride and only have the intensity on Thursday?

I think the idea would be that TR would look at those rides (assuming they’re broadly similar from one week to the next), analyse time in zone and then adjust the rest of the plan accordingly.


  • You’re in General Build Phase which involves a mix of threshold, VO2 and anaerobic workouts plus a tempo/sweetspot ride each week to maintain aerobic base
  • You do a weekend group ride every week which is 5 hours of riding mostly Z2-3.
  • You do a midweek MTB ride where you’re repeatedly punching up 3-5 minute climbs at VO2 intensity
  • You do a couple of shortish commutes at mostly Z1-2
  • TR analyses these rides and determines that the commutes are recovery days, the group ride is providing enough stimulus to maintain your aerobic base, and the MTB ride is getting you enough time in VO2 zone, but that you haven’t done any sustained threshold work or anaerobic/sprint efforts, so it schedules appropriate threshold/anaerobic/sprint workouts for your remaining days
  • Might also offer suggestions as to how to tweak your unstructured rides to get more benefit from them e.g. if you’re doing 3-5 minute MTB climbs at threshold then you’re falling between 2 stools in that it’s too short to extend TTE at threshold, but too easy to push you into a state of maximal oxygen update. So it could recommend doing those climbs at higher intensity
  • Could also adapt on the fly. E.g. a few big hitters turn up to your group ride one weekend and instead of being z2-3 it turns into a hammerfest where you’re hitting every zone and burying yourself, in which case TR could recognise that and adjust the plan to give you a bit more recovery over the next few days. And deliver a message along the lines of “Once a month is OK but don’t do that every week!”

Not saying this is the direction that TR should take or will take, just my interpretation of how something like this could work!


Thanks! I will try that. It is not an ideal solution because most of these rides are far from being races (at least I try to avoid making them races), but it does sound like a good workaround.

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That’s exactly what I had in mind! and you added some nice improvements which would be super nice.
And yes, good or bad, it happens too often that “easy group rides” turn into impromptu hammerfests when a strong group or rider passes us :laughing:

Thanks for the advice. Yes, that’s what I ended up trying presently - a low volume plan around my “anchor” rides. BTW, Sunday is not a weekend day here in Israel, so it is not a good option for a long road ride. We only have one good day a week for that.

Ah gosh Israel. :heart_eyes: Wouldn’t ditch the group rides there either! Good on you!

I guess it’s best to not overthink it. Do your two anchor rides and fill in the low volume intensity rides as you feel like doing. Guess your anchors ultimately decide whether you can get away with one or two rides. Doubt you will do all three to be honest. Group rides can be a bitch. Though only you will figure that one out. :sweat_smile:

Perhaps another point to consider is going for a plus option on your one or two hard days. So rather than doing the prescribed one-hour-ish sessions, go for a two hour sessions plus maybe even some added endurance time.

Thanks. Yes, the plus (and sometimes maybe a minus :shushing_face: ) option is a good idea to increase the dose of the structured workouts.
I am not going to give up my group rides. When I say group I mean 4-8 friends at, not a big peloton - so, they are not really stressful mentally or physiologically.

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