Weekend Outdoor rides vs Prescribed Trainer road workout

Apologies in advance as there are probably numerous forums out there with similar or same questions.

I am new to TR as of last week,
I have began a mid volume sweet spot base training program but notice that Saturday and Sunday rides are scheduled with 1:20 - 1:30hr rides with varying intervals,

My question is, as i always ride a Saturday morning bunch ride (typically 3 - 4hrs) am i ok with substituting both these Saturday and Sunday TR rides with the outdoor? assuming my Strava suffer score measures in the same way TR does the TSS of the outdoor ride is around 300TSS, (where both TR rides would only account for 200TSS).
Sundays are always family day so squeezing one in Sunday is a no go

Am i going to be losing anything by not doing these scheduled rides?
The outdoor bunch ride certainly varies in intensity so its not as if im sitting at the back doing a comfortable endurance recovery 3hr ride…

Thanks in advance,


Was about to ask the same question. Just began using TR in the past couple of weeks and wanted to mix it up with outdoor rides on the weekends. I enjoy riding outdoors and going on fast local group rides and would love to mix both outdoor and indoor rides while still improving. Hope to hear back from other more experienced members on this topic.


You can do anything you want over the weekends as long as you can recover in time for your Tuesday workout.

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I’d suggest using the calendar functionality (use the website, not the app) to rearrange things. When you add a training plan to the calendar, you have a fair bit of flexibility as to when to schedule different training sessions.

If Sunday is a no-go, then take that as your rest day, and schedule Mondays as the first hard workout of the week. You should be able to get in 3 TR sessions during the week, plus a light recovery day on the Friday, with your longer outside ride on the Saturday.