Adding workouts to current plan

Has there been any conversation around adding a feature that would allow someone to add a suggested workout in Plan Builder when they have selected a lower volume plan? I am currently in low volume and some days just want to add a workout but not have to think too much about what I’m adding. My thoughts would be something like a short drop down asking how long you want to ride and maybe how you feel that day. The system then would provide some suggested workouts that would fit in the plan.

Perhaps there is some sort of functionality already there that I’m missing.



I think there’s an important element of the plans that you’re possibly overlooking. If I’m correct, then you aren’t the only one.

The whole point of TR is that it helps us create STRUCTURED training. This doesn’t just mean structured workouts. It means weeks and months of carefully built and designed stress and recovery. Adding in and taking out workouts detracts from this structure unless you plan to do so in a consistent and repeatable manner throughout your training. If you didn’t value this sort of structure then you might as well not use TR at all and just go for various rides of various intensities depending on how you feel that morning.

Feeling good on a rest day? Great, but it should still be a rest day.

Plans tend to ramp up in stress, so if you start adding workouts at the beginning of a plan because things feel too easy, then you risk digging yourself a hole of fatigue as the plan develops, OR you risk undermining the structure of the plan further down the line when you start struggling with/failing/cutting out workouts.

In short, my opinion is to follow the plan

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Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out with your request! The concept is an interesting one, because we do typically recommend adding stress to low volume rather than removing stress from mid-volume.

Generally, we recommend adding “TSS filler” workouts to the Low Volume plans. What this means is that you’ll add low-intensity endurance riding to increase your overall TSS without drastically increasing the demands on your body for that week. Basically, you increase your the volume of your plan without making it much harder to recover from.

In the future, we have plans to make our training plans more adaptive, and at that time, our recommendations should grow more and more personalized :+1:.


Thanks for the feedback! I will look at adding some of those filler workouts.

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I’m currently on SSB Low Vol and I find myself adding on 2-3 low intensity/enduro rides a week. Hasn’t interfered with recovery or ability to complete planned workouts - if it did, I’d ease up on those extras. Using the filters saves time finding that “perfect” workout that I want to do and then if I really enjoyed it, I star it so I don’t forget. Also, adding on to warmup/cooldown adds no-thought-required time on bike.

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I’ve done SSBLV1, almost done with SSBLV2. I’ve faced exactly the same problem as the OP but would rather add than subtract, I do Mon (60)/Weds (60)/Fri (90). I might do a +1 on Weds, adding 15 mins, usually 1 interval. I’ve simply got into the habit of Pettit (60) on a Tues and if I feel like it Taku (30) on a Thurs, both little ring, this leaves me well prepared for the harder Friday ride. Both are gentle enough endurance/recovery rides. At the weekend I’ll do super easy, little ring potters outdoors or a very steady TR session if the weather is rough, trying not to elevate HR.

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Ah! Using the filters and stars is a great idea!


Yes! And as @Redrose49er suggested, the +1 or other variants of workouts are usually a great option for some added stress/volume etc.