How to end my 6 week sweetspot plan


I’m 4 weeks in to TR sweet spot plan mid volum 1. I have one «heavy week» left before recovery week. After I finish the sweetspot plan I think I will go for sustained Power base plan.

But my «problem» is that the week after I finish my plan I cant proceed directly to my new plan. I have to take one week of because of personal issues. Should I change my 6th week from easy to some TSS points over the 5th week, or should I stick to the plan and just take the next week of?

Do an extra week of training instead of recovery week, then take the week off.
Test when you come back and Start the SP base plan then.
Good luck


Do you mean Sustained Power Build?

Have you been using TR for a while? If not, and depending on your goals, Sweet Spot Base 2 would be a better progression for you before moving to Build.

When all else fails you can always ride zone 2 endurance. Endurance training is after all 95% of what we do. I’d go by how the legs feel on whether to toss in some intensity. If the legs are tired after the last block just ride endurance. If the legs feel good do one or two interval sessions and thus extend the block.

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Yes, SPBuild. Fist time user of TR. But I have some years in cycling /triathlon as background. Do you have a more detailed reason for choosing SPbase2 over Sustained Power Build?

Thx for advice :slight_smile:

Sweet spot base 2 is the natural progression from Sweet spot base 1 and is recommended by Trainer Road.

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