Build plan or more base?


A little bit of advice required please.

I’m just about to finish Sweet Spot Base 2 and will be following the mid volume full distance triathlon schedule in 5 weeks’ time, in the ‘inbetween’period of 5 weeks what plan is worth following? I was looking at the Sustained Power Build and just cutting it short after 5 weeks to start the base phase of the full or would I be better off starting and finishing the Sustained Power Build of 8 weeks and missing the first few weeks off the full distance base. Another option is just repeat Sweet Spot Base 2 again for 5 weeks which would then give me a total of 29 weeks of base training before moving on to the full distance build phase. Is there such a thing as too much base and would I be better off adding the sustained power build phase in to just ramp it up a bit and stop stagnation before embarking on the Full distance plan.

I have the same question? Interested in the answers as I will have 4 weeks total once I finish ssb2 and start full distance base.