Seek for advice

Hi Guys, I’m look for some advice here.

I’ve been using TR for a few months, and I started it 5 weeks prior to a 40km TT that I was targeting, so at that time I did the first 4 weeks of the Sustained Power Build, then completed the TT and decided to easy things a bit coz I had holidays coming up.

So I’ve started the Sweet Spot Base Low Volume I, did 3 week and then 1 week off for holidays, but since I’ve comeback I got a throat infection which make me loose almost another week and then a broken tooth, with lots of pain and more a few days off the saddle.

My original plain was to go for the Sustained Power Build after a good Base plan, but the second half of the base plan was a disaster. Now I’m not sure what to do. Go for the Sustained Power Build anyway or do the Sweet Spot Base II.

It’s good to mention that I don’t have any target race for the next weeks. That’s why I’m inclined to change the plan and do another base phase before jump in to build phase.

What do you guys think?

I think this is the key point. If you don’t have a particular race you are targeting then you basically have infinite time to get in shape. Go back and do base again - extra base won’t hurt you and will give you confidence moving forward that you’ve started from a good spot.

I would note though, that restarting base means you won’t be peaking for about 7 months. Have you seriously looked at your race calendar that far out? If so, and you aren’t targeting anything that far out then definitely go back and do base

As mentioned above by trpnhntr.
Work backwards from your target race etc…doing base,build, speciality is 27/28 weeks total from memory then look realistically at your weak points and emphasise them in your schedule. E.g. If your base fitness is weak spend extra time on that. If your main target is building power then emphasise the build phase…you get the pictur.

You mention if your base is weak, do base, and if you want to increase power, do that. …I don’t get it. What does base training improve, if not power?