Next steps after lots of base

Since roughly the end of November, I’ve been running lots of sweet spot base and struggling and failing in the last week or two of the plan. I think I’ve prob done base 1, 2 then 1 again with an extra z2 each week for some endurance, I think I just need to break the 8 weeks up with a rest week next time I do a base.

I’m now in the last week of SSB1 LV (+ 60-75 z2 each week) and quite frankly 4 months of base is getting a bit much, plus I’d really like some sort of top-end power (1000W is my longer-term goal) I have done SSB2 just had an SSB1 set after it so I’m wondering how much short power requires the second base plan?

I don’t think it would chuck me in too much of a hole since the plan does have a rest week in the middle since you get another ramp test.

I do not really understand your question. Looking at the “sweetspot” Low volume plan, I see in phase 2 more FTP and VO2max workouts then sweetspot. Adding a restweek in the middle can help recovery (if that is your question).

If your goal is to have a higher Pmax you can do some max sprints (15") with enough rest in between during your endurance rides. This should not add a lot of extra fatigue.

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With great base comes great responsibility. Harness the the power of the base and you shall be strong.