Plan Builder: No rest week between Build and Base 2


I am now in my ninth week of Trainerroad with adaptive training. My only A event is in June 2022. The plan builder gave me 6 weeks of Sweet Spot Base 1, then 3 weeks of Sustained Power Build LV.

It then sends me straight into 6 weeks of Sweet Spot Base 2. First of all I don‘t really see the big difference between Sustained Power Build and Sweet Spot Base 2, (the „base“ training actually looks harder (?)) but mostly I don‘t have any recovery between the 3 weeks build phase and the 6 weeks of Sweet Spot Base 2. From what I know a recovery week every few weeks is recommended.

Can you give me any recommendation on how to proceed? Shall I replace the workouts with easier ones when I feel the need for recovery and let adaptive training do the rest or delete my current plan and make a new one?

Apart from all „trust the machine“ principles: Is the 6 week Sweet Spot Base I, 3 week Build, 6 week Base II progression something you would recommend?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Try playing with the start dates of your plan. Unless you are firm on when you must begin, if you move the start date around you may find Plan Builder spits out an option with the more traditional work/recover weeks layout.

The “best way” would be to use annotations, and stick in a week of vacation for the week you want to have for your “recovery week”. That will cause plan builder to reschedule your workouts, and free up the “recovery” / vacation week. Then just do the rides you want for that week.