Hill repeats during SSB LV

Hello all

Currently about 3 weeks into SSB LV and I used to do a mid week ride in the evening which I’d go to my
local climbs and do a few loops of the hills. With doing sweet spot is this something I could do extra to the plan? Would this maybe push the limit a little bit? I already do a Z2 ride on Saturdays and the usual long ride on Sundays.


I’m not sure adding a fourth day of intensity would be beneficial. You’d probably make it through SSBLV1 fine, but might hit a wall in SSBLV2 or build phase.

I think your choices are either:

  1. Swap out one of the SSB sessions for it.

  2. Push/replicate your scheduled SSB as an outdoor ride. On your hill, if possible.

If you wanted to add another ride you might benefit more from adding an short endurance or recovery ride.

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