SSB1LV weekend workout

I’m currently working my way through the SSB1LV plan as per the Plan Builder. Is it okay to swap out the weekend session with an outside endurance ride instead of a sweetspot session? I’m assuming that it would ideally be a ride of around about the same TSS?


Yes you can do this. If you read the week’s notes by clicking on the annotation that says “Week 3” it will say something to the effect of “If you prefer the longer, lower approach then swap Over-Under with X or Y endurance workout”. I think TSS is probably a good thing to match up when making this swap. Just go keep constant pressure on the pedals and enjoy the outdoors!



I’ve just looked at the tips and there’s no mention about riding outside.

Huh, I guess I never read the tips the last time I did the LV base. MV usually has something like this:

So I’m sure you can just do that. When the Saturday ride is an Over-Under it become a little harder. So you could either do that during the week and move the weekday SS work to the weekend and replace it with outdoor riding. Though if you don’t have time for that you just have to balance the focused work of indoor O/Us and the endurance work and mental refresh of riding outside.

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I’m also working my way through SSBLV and I’m doing just that–swapping longer endurance/tempo rides outside instead of the prescribed weekend trainer sessions in order to get ready for some long gravel rides I have coming up.

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