Weight loss... when enough is enough!

Any tips or tricks to healthy high caloric intake! I don’t want to lose any more weight but would also like to keep the training volume at its current level. I could actually afford to gain a few pounds as I’m 184 lbs (83.5 kgs) and I’m 6’7” (2 m). When I started on TR a couple months ago I was 195 lbs and I expected to lose a bit of fat (didn’t have much to begin with) and potentially gain some muscle. I’m just concerned that with so little body fat I’m putting myself at an unnecessary risk.

That is pretty skinny…and getting skinnier at a pretty fast rate. Imo i would almost not even worry about the healthy aspect and just try to get in some more calories. If you have a high metabolism, and train a lot…just eat what you like. A higher fat diet may not be a bad thing at all for a first strp.

Obviously this isnt ideal advice for everyone…but in your shoes i’d just start getting caloric intake right first, and then try to adjust healthyness after.

Did you meassure your fat per percentage properly? Weight and length itself does not say everything. I am 190cm and 70 kg - well shaped but my fat percentage isnt that low. I ensure to eat enough pasta and rice. Others may have more sophisticated carbs intakes though.

Spoon + peanut butter. Can also substitute nutella here.

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Hey @Nate_Pearson, he’s taller than you.

Fuel your workouts (liquid). It’s hard to catch up on a large deficit after the fact.

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I mostly eat very healthy, but definitely indulge on a daily basis! Usually a half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s after dinner/before bed plus’s plenty of snacking through the day. Decided to add another complete meal between lunch and dinner. Wife said to up my Ben and Jerry’s intake to a full pint every other day (the days she does her evening runs)! I like that idea!

I don’t really watch/track what I eat, never have. I’ve always been quite skinny. Not an actual fat percentage test, just saw what little I had melt away and can now see a lot of abs and veins that were previously not visible.

Love Nutella! I used to make fluff (marshmallows spread), banana and Nutella sandwiches in college! I was even lighter then… usually around 180. But I also ran track and burned through anything I could consume. Maybe it’s time to adopt that awesome sandwich again! Thanks for the memory trigger!

I’m very much a water drinker (beer or scotch off the bike :rofl: ). What would you suggest for on bike. Note, I tend to do my workouts around 3 hours after breakfast because I want to avoid things coming back up. Weak stomach when it comes to hard workouts!

I do a gel 15 min before the ride and carb drink during.

Some people can’t stomach that much carb and need to train it up. I’ve never had such issues, so YMMV.

Post workout nutrition is important as well and should have some protein in it. But like I said earlier, trying to cram those calories back in after the fact is so much harder than trickling them in during.

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Just wanted to chime in and say, you suck. I gain weight if I look at food :wink: :grinning:


I always take in protein after too, with carbs, as well as plenty during. I’ve found that with this strategy, for me at least, my weight has stabilised. I have way fewer cravings if I manage it better during and just straight afterwards.

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Hahaha! Different problems I suppose… my wife said, “you know people are going to hate you for this ‘problem’”!

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I’ve never even considered consuming anything during a ride… as a runner turned cyclist it seems very foreign to me! I would never even consider eating during a tough track workout!

One thing I do to easily add calories is have some coconut oil in my poridge in the morning and plainly just “training” to eat more

“Problem” :joy: