So lots of people are into the weight loss thing....anyone else have a weight gain issue?

I have weighed the same since HS, my metabolism is silly and I shovel food into my system. I would give anything for a “dad bod” to turn to muscle! My legs are muscular (and hot says my GF thank you cycling) but everything above my waist is scrawny (not anorexic, and have a 6 pack)! I am 46, 5’7" and weigh 135.

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hashtag humblebrag.

But seriously, I’ll trade you.

HAH, but not really! I would love to have a little fat to turn into muscle actually. I have a teammate with the same issue but he has a VO2 through the roof so he wins a lot :smile: Me not so much

should have sent some of my excess baggage along with the electrode gel, lol

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In all seriousness, if you want to gain weight its no different than losing. You need to count calories.
The only difference is what kind of weight you want to gain. Lean muscle vs. fat mass. You’re going to have to start picking up heavy things if you want to put on the lean mass.

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Thank you by the way!! Send me a burrito with extra cheese next week! You know the adress :joy:

I recommend drinking lots of beer, quicker gains versus burritos. And then I’ll visit the midwest and race you.

Any ideas on goal calories per day? I have not really gotten into the weighing/counting thing…que Nate with his scale

M friend owns a brewery, I support him (A LOT). The house is always open to cyclist by the way!

Same as weight loss thread. MyFitnessPal.
Put in your weight, put in your goal weight, you’ll get a calorie count to work within.
Do that for a couple of weeks and tweak as required if necessary.

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if you haven’t, one thing to try is lifting in the gym using free weights. That worked for me this past summer at 56, and it significantly improved my core and upper body strength while adding just enough muscle. Wife approves. And it feels like I’m in my 30s again. Previous years in gym saw few gains in strength, the key for me was lifting 2x per week and increasing protein intake to 1g per pound of bodyweight (~200g for me).

Move big weights and lots of bodyweight work. Big weight start low and work on form. Squats, deadlifts, bench, standing shoulder press. Bodyweight, dips and pull ups, planks, spiderman push ups, core work. Eat a lot protein, real food not supplements.

I am 5’10" weighed 147 going into my senior year of HS. Max weight of 174 my last year in the Marines when all I did was eat and lift, age 22. Stayed fit biking and playing soccer afterwards until my 30’s. Got the dad bod in my early 40’s, starting cycling seriously and sitting happy and strong at 154. Currently just monitor my current weight. I don’t want drop below 152, get a bit hangry, but make I eat healthy for riding and still do my push ups and pull ups.