Guidance on Injury and New Season

First: BEST podcast, BEST product, BEST team. After 4 years training with TR, I feel part of the team. Keep up the GREAT work!!

Real scenario here.

I ran a IM Mont Tremnblant in mid August; great bike, great FTP gains during the season (from 261 to 301). Smashed my PR by more than an hour. Everything was joy.

After that, as soon asI could walk/run again, I started focusing on NYC Marathon and moved in to NYC as well. Due to an IT Band injury, my milleage volume didn’t increased as expected and, at that moment, didn’t had bike or pool to ‘mantain’ fitness. I managed to set a PB and finished within desired time of a sub 3:30 (3:29:18). Joy returned.

I shipped in my bike a couple of weeks ago and bought a Wahoo Kickr in head of the hard winter I’ll be facing. As it was expected, getting back on the trainer after a couple of months off, was painfull but I was commited to it. After three weeks of 2-3 hours a week of training I did a ramp up test: 280w FT. Reality check on point. Offseason was officially over and preson kicked in.

I finished week 1 of the Sweet Spot Base mid-volume plan (skipping weekend sessions). On monday morning, after a 30min recovery run and 30min stength session, I slipped in the shower and smashed my toenail. Blood bath there. I went to the hospital and they confirmed my worst fear: complete rest on my lower body for at least 7-10 days, then I can start cycling again. I assume I’ll take the rest of 2019 without cycling (obviously no running nor swimming) in order for the toe to heal back

I just moved from being a grad student in Berkeley to NYC as a full-time corporate lawyer and I’m trying just to settle in with this special rythm of life (HARD change). I have not yet decided my 2020 season, although I have some races squeduled: NY GFNY in May and Escape from Alcatraz in June, but both of them are not considered A races. The main objective is to qualify for 70.3 Worlds, with Kona as my long-term goal (2 years from now).

So a couple of questions for you guys:

What would you recomend to do during these days?

Any extra recomendation to gain my fitness again? (Apart from being way more carefull in every step I take)

What sequence of plans would you recomend for my 2020 season starting in January?

Many thanks!!