Restart Training after Surgery

I have been using TrainerRoad for about 2 months now; training for a Half Ironman in October. I have to take approximately 4 weeks off due to foot surgery. Will be able to start on bike and swim, before I can start running again (of course with doctor’s approval)

My question is should I just pick up my current training plan where I left off or go back and update the start date of my plan to when I can start training again? Or is there is something else I should consider?

What plan are currently doing and is it part of the plan builder? 4 weeks is a substantial but not hugely detrimental break, so rewinding the plan at least a bit would be beneficial, depending on whereabouts you are in the plan

I am using plan builder and am doing the low volume plan at the moment. Currently in the build phase.

depending on your situation, I would be inclined to go back to base if that is what i needed to work on, It’s fairly low impact and intensity which might help you post op. see what your plan looks like if you redo plan builder starting from when you can get on the bike.