Got injured. Where to start now?


I’ve got injured and had to stop training for a Month, I had just finished my base phase (was on the last recovery week) and was about to start my build. What should I do now to get back on track? Back to base phase or go directly to build? My main event for the season is in June.
If back to base should I do both again?


I’d probably say redo SSB2, a month off and injury is substantial. You may even need a week of light workouts before SSB2 to ease yourself back into it if you’ve been completely off the bike.


Yes 1 month completely off the bike, well I still am but I will probably have the ok to get back next week.


Depends on what injury you had ! If it was because of cycling you are probably better of doing traditional base to ease yourself back into it , however if your injury had nothing to do with cycling than you can start with SSB , i would not start with build

It was on the knee and was cycling related. Never done traditional base, maybe that’s a good option.

i heard coach Jonathan say this in one of the podcasts after his knee injury he did traditional base ! Make sure you ask your doctor what is allowed and what is not . I would start off very easy indeed so that you don’t re-injure yourself again .