Resuming plan after injury

Hi, I’m new to TrainerRoad and have been following a 52-week LV (3 workouts/week) since last October. Things are going well as my FTP has increased 14 points since the beginning of the plan. I’ve completed the SSB phases and now in the Build phase, having completed two workouts in week 18 of the total plan). I’m currently recovering from Iliopsoas tendonitis on my right side, which occurred after the Matthes +1 workout on Feb 04th. I haven’t done any workouts since as my physiotherapist has me out at least till sometime next week.

My question; Should I be resuming where I am in the plan or should I back-up to a certain point as I will have been out for approx. 14 days by the time I get back on the bike. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

There’s this clip from the podcast that might help:

Also an article here which may help