Garmin Training API - TrainerRoad outside workouts coming to Garmin Edge headunits

I got fed up waiting for iq2 and bought myself a 3rd gen stages. Really happy with it too :+1:

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On my edge 820 the lap button will end the current interval no matter what way you have it set up. I presume other garmin headunits work the same way.

On the whole wahoo vs gamin thing, I wonder if implementation will be any different between the two platforms. Not having either of these and still considering my options, I’m curious to see how this plays out.

And watches. But that does not prevent you from creating workouts intervals based on other criteria. The lap-button-ends-current-interval is quite useful when something just goes wrong and you want to abort the current interval.

In theory, there are 3 parts to this puzzle: the workout “creation”, its transfer, and its execution. What Garmin announced allows 3rd-party app providers to take over the creation portion. Assuming similar capabilities, TR could mask Garmin-Wahoo differences in the app and make the destination head unit transparent. Then, the transfer still depends on the head unit and its supporting app ecosystem - you’ll need to sync a Garmin device with Connect to move the workout to the device, and a similar but different process will apply to a Wahoo head unit. The last part is 100% dependent on the head unit implementation: TR (or whichever other app) is only pushing a workout to the device, and how the device displays and executes the workout is outside TR’s control. For example, from what I can gather, Wahoo offers a “step repeat” feature, allowing an interval to be repeated; Garmin head units don’t have that as far as I can tell. They both have a “next step” control, however.

Ok, I just bought my Wahoo Bolt today… waiting Mr. @Nate_Pearson :wink:

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I’m primarily a triathlete and use my Fenix 5 for most of my workouts. Will I also be able to get the outdoor workouts on the Fenix? I have an old Edge 500 so if the Fenix wasn’t an option would the old Edge be able to handle it?

Sounds like wahoo will work as wellnas garmin units. In the market, and others or thoughts?

I’d really like to see this include Indoor workouts too; not sure if that’s on the radar but Nate’s initial post read as though it wouldn’t?

I like to use my Garmin on the trainer as a secondary screen, so that I don’t have to look straight ahead at the laptop all the time; it’s really handy on interval workouts in particular and gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of the data that you want to display.

Just wondering if this is on the plan, because it seems as though it would be easier to implement than outdoor workouts?

According to the other posts, the Edge 500 will do it.

I’m embarrassed to admit I literally had never even though of that. I’ve been racing to the bottom of hill to turn round for my next interval for years, because I am a moron.

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That’s going to sell a lot of Garmin Edge ANT+ remotes better order some now folks before they are out of stock.

I’m pretty sure DCR’s coverage said it goes back to early 500/800 series devices (definitely pre-810). I’m afraid I don’t have time to pull the link at the moment but maybe head over to his site and read the blog from day 2 of the IQ event.

Alternatively @GPLama might know?

Since I don’t have any of the Garmin’s but definitely want to use this, which one should I get. The 1030 sounds awesome - but isn’t it a little overkill?

So the way I understand this is that this is a backend implementation on Garmin Connect (the web service + mobile app). Garmin is releasing an API for other apps to push workouts into Garmin Connect. If your unit has a workout mode and can take workouts that you create in Garmin Connect, this will work for you irrespective of the unit.


I’ve read about a lot of unhappy people using the 820 due to the touch screen BUT Clever Training has them for $260 right now. Debating that or hoping Wahoo pulls through.

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Don’t do it from an unhappy 820 owner.

The touchscreen is pretty useless, the device is way under powered - it’s really slow to switch screens / react to touchscreen buttons / etc., and the battery life is flakey - every now and then my battery decides to die after ~2 1/2 hours, even though it started the ride fully charged.


I bought an 820 and had it for a month. It was better in some ways than the bolt I had especially navigation. Today was my first day of use with my new bontrager 1030 and varia radar. I have no regrets at all. The 1030 is on another level from everything else IMO. as well the bontrager goes on sale often. The Garmin not so much.

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+1 on Run and Swim workouts to be pushed! I have been a TraineRoad user for several years now, and I got tired of using Garmin’s workout creator every year for each new plan.

@Nate_Pearson you could consider using the user community to translate these workouts to any compatible format. Would gladly spend time to code the Run/Swim workouts in TR rather than Garmin :slight_smile:

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I had a 520 and when I started I get battery issues I bought a 1030. I have the first Variant Radar. I couldn’t be more happier with it. I hope Garmin IQ let developers use the extra screen real estate on a 1030.

I have never found an IQ app I wanted, I don’t know if the apps are one size fits all or they can be configured per device.