Garmin Training API - TrainerRoad outside workouts coming to Garmin Edge headunits

Cool. Just tested this for my Forerunner 735XT and it’s working a treat. Only got the watch recently, so hadn’t used this functionality before.

I think that pressing the lap button to start an interval only makes sense for longer intervals. Not when the rest between intervals in short. Maybe less than a minute or something like that. Then it makes more sense to me to use the lap button to start a set of intervals. Like microbursts or 30s intervals. So, if you are doing microbursts you’d wait until you were in a good place, push lap, wait for the 3 second countdown, do a complete set, wait until you are at another good place then do the next set. Longer intervals you could push the button each time.


@Nate_Pearson you mentioned that same feature is coming to Wahoo units, does that mean we can use it with Pioneer head units also as both are Wahoo based?


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Now that this is becoming a reality it would be great to expand the cycling outdoor integration so we can use the workout creator for running workouts that will sync with Garmin devices.

On the triathlon plans, i follow only the bike wkos, i have my own running plan that is heavily based on intervals so I have my training calendar split in two places: Cycling on TR(I add the tri plan and delete all swim and bike wkos) and Running on Garmin Connect(since i need Garmin’s wko creator for the run part).

It would be great if to use TR as my one-stop shop.


To celebrate this exciting new partnership between TrainerRoad and Garmin and promote this new feature, I think @Nate_Pearson has to race the Dirty Kanza brought to you by Garmin now.


I’ve done a ton of Garmin Edge outdoor workouts (most cribbed from TR) and here are my thoughts on the lap button vs auto start thing.

First off, Garmin lets you specify lap button or time start stop by individual interval step in a workout so it is not “ether or” even within the same workout.

All my warm ups and end of workout cool downs are set to end by lap button. I never know exactly how long it is going to take to get to and from the workout course.

I generally have all intervals on auto but on longer ones, lap button is fine and even can be useful if your course is going to have you varying length a bit. I can go either way on that. Anything over say 5 minutes its pretty easy to hit the lap button if you want to go that way (but a lot of anal TR users will freak when there set of 3x5 min repeats ends up being 4:59 5:02 and 4:56 :wink: - All that being said - I’m riding in a suburban environment and can still get by fine with auto start stop for intervals.

But on shorter intervals and rest periods (e.g. 2 min or less and especially for anything under 1 minute) auto start/stop of the timer is 100% the way to go. You get an audible count down of the start and end and you can do a whole set without taking your hands off the bars or even looking at the computer… Also, on shorter intervals, especially very short sprints, just having to reach for the lap button can significantly screw up both the time and performance of the interval or even actually be dangerous in certain circumstances.


Could you make this configurable… so we can choose either “time based” or “lap button”? I imagine everyone will have a personal preference for this, so it’d be good to be able to change this behaviour in our settings.

In fact, you’d probably want 2 preferences:

  • Warm up/cool down: Time based / Lap button
  • Intervals: Time based / Lap button

This would also allow us to individually tweak the behaviour depending on the route we were doing on a particular day.

  • I am still learning about this whole process, but that seems to be how TP has it setup, to be a user-selected option, and even for each portion of each interval set.


That approach definitely makes sense. I originally voted for @Nate_Pearson’s suggestion of “only advance if you push the lap button”, but after playing around with Garmin’s Workout Creator I think I’d want it to behave how @bbarrera and @STP outlined… “lap button” for warm up/cool down and “time based” for the intervals. If it’s made a personal preference then it should keep everyone happy.

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So does Garmin Connect - every step can end after a set distance or duration, or a lap button press (or a calorie burn or HR threshold, by the way). I’ve always built running trainings with open warmups and cooldowns, so lap button press, but the body of the training is just time/distance based, you don’t want to think about it.

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I don’t know. After we do Garmin and Wahoo well look at the demand for other headunits.

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I don’t know. I’ve emailed Garmin and I’ll let you know what they say.

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No screen shots yet :slight_smile:

We’re going to send it wattage based. That way we don’t have to worry about syncing FTPs which I don’t think there is a way for us to update at the moment.


I don’t know. Well look into it.

My old Garmin Edge 500 also got stuck displaying 100% battery. The cure was just to leave it in until it fully drained and shut down, then recharge. Seems to recalibrate the battery gauge.

If only my Edge 820 battery issues were so easily solved…

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Fantastic news!

I was surprised when I joined TR a month ago that this wasn’t already supported, but now glad to see it is.
Ability to skip blocks, or rewind to start of block (on all platforms) would be helpful.

I’m looking at the new stages M50. (not released yet) This will be a GREAT feature.

Sounds good to me. I do what @bbarrera does in his screenshot.

I’m going to have to get a power meter now (How’s that IQ2 coming along?)