How likely is wahoo outdoor integration this summer?

Hi guys,

With lots of Garmin head units currently on sale, I’m tempted to buy one to have outdoor workout integration this summer.

However I already own an elemnt bolt so would be a waste if wahoo integration were to drop in the next ~6 weeks. How likely is this?


It’s hard to say because part of it will be out of our control. We’ll need Wahoo to do some work to integrate after our work is done. I’m pretty sure our side is really close to being done.


Do you think the Wahoo’s acquisition of Sufferfest could influence this?

I don’t know. Chip (their CEO) has told me that this is still happening and they’ve been working with us.

So for now I’m going to say that no, the acquisition isn’t going to impact launch date. But I’m also on the outside and can’t speak for Wahoo.

Thanks Nate. My concern is that Wahoo may block out other training software programs but IMO that would be shooting themselves in the foot.

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I think on a recent podcast, @gplama and dcrainmaker suggested that additional features being available for Wahoo/Sufferfest or Garmin/Tacx was more likely than outright blockouts.

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I had a Garmin Edge 830 for three months and go so frustrated with it that I ditched it and got a Wahoo Elemnt Roam. I had a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt before and was really happy with it. To be honest, I’m probably not the only one. So, yeah, count me in with others who would absolutely love to see integration with Wahoo Elemnt’s. Just point the Wahoo CEO to all the sites and posts about people being frustrated with Garmin. If that doesn’t convince him to step up integration then nothing will. :stuck_out_tongue:


Until it’s fully integrated you could use Training Peaks to recreate the outside TrainerRoad workouts and sync them with your Wahoo head unit. Been doing that and works great. Only takes a couple of minutes to create the workout.


Is there a beta test list for this functionality? I’d love to try it on my Bolt.


And many of the TR workouts are variants on a theme, just having an extra set of intervals, reduced recovery time between intervals, etc. Once you have created a few of the basic ones, you can then easily duplicate and edit them accordingly.

@Nate_Pearson and the rest of the team:

I know this might defeat the purpose of your calendar feature, but a workaround might be to push workouts to TrainingPeaks. Wahoo/TP interface is already working well. Have considered this alternative.

Right now Wahoo integration would be faster. I believe they are working on their end at the moment.


Not quite yet, but as forum users, you will be the first to know about any updates :ok_hand:


Any update on the status of this feature? Seems that there is an elephant in the room now that Wahoo has acquired Sufferfest. I can’t imagine Wahoo doing any work on their side to take value away from Sufferfest.


Two weeks till end of september. Let’s cross fingers and hope Wahoo won’t drop the ball here.



Haven’t checked for a firmware update yet though and I don’t know if it means it’s good to go, but always good to see things in the release notes :slight_smile:

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We have some discussion at the end of the primary intro thread.

It works, I’ve used it. As Chad posted the chat is on the other post.