Garmin Training API - TrainerRoad outside workouts coming to Garmin Edge headunits

Garmin announced their Training API today. We’ve been aware of this and been working in the background to make the changes to support it. We’re still a few weeks away from launch, but it’s exciting times.

You’ll be able to have TrainerRoad’s new outside workouts pushed directly to a Garmin Edge.

We’re also working on support for outside workouts being pushed to Wahoo headunits. There are still some unknowns for this project so I can’t give an ETA today, but I think we’ll have it sooner rather than later.

If you have any questions let me know!


Awesome news!

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Can this get any better?


Amazing! Great to hear! Great job TrainerRoad


Great news Nate.

Can you please make sure that a Lap Button Press is added before each “on” interval so the start can be paused and then started when in a safe or the most appropriate location. Also put one at the end, otherwise the recording on Garmin will finish when the workout has finished, and you might not be home by then!


Yes, it get’s better! :wink:


Awesome all I need is a garmin or wahoo now, maybe I’ll get a garmin if that version comes out first!

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You bring up such a great point and is a fear of mine.

Here’s a couple use cases so everyone can get up to speed with what @PotsieA is talking about.

Let’s say we specify a 15 minute warmup but your “training grounds” are 25 minutes away. If we just specify a “time based” lap for a Garmin it will start the next interval after 15 minutes has passed. This isn’t good because you’re not ready to start your main set yet.

Another case would be the time between intervals. You could be descending to the bottom of a hill before you’re ready for the next interval.

One solution is for us to add a “only advance if you push the lap button” interval after all warm up, rest and the cool down. So once you’ve finished your warmup or rest period you’d push lap to start the next interval.

What does everyone think of that? Like this post if you think that’s a good idea, if not please tell me why below or give an alternative.

There’s also another option, on top of adding the “lap” button interval we could add one more 3 second interval that would count you down for the interval to start. That might be nice as you could get your hand off the Garmin and really get ready.



I tend to use lap button push for warm ups and cool downs, because once out of town I can do the intervals. Can see the need to add that to intervals.

p.s. was going to rework and take a new screenshot, but I’m in the kitchen trying to roast yams and broccoli for the first time.


Obviously yes to the lap button from me, but the additional 3 sec delay afterwards is a great idea also.


Quick thought on the hill scenario…
What if you wanted to end the interval itself early?

Also people are going to complain especially if their workout contains many shorter intervals (3min is longest outside?) because they’re going to have to hit the lap button pretty often. You’d have to keep an eye on your head unit both during the interval and during recovery so that you remember to hit the lap button at the right time…
Idk if this is a valid point but was something that came to mind.


I love the idea of using the lap button to control the intervals. I can see myself being tempted to scoot through a red light or something equally stupid if I’m just at the mercy of the stop watch. For outdoor training, there’s very little we can do to control our environment, this brings one more variable back under our control.


Articles on this suggest this new feature is going to be backward compatible with previous Edge devices. Anyone know if this is for all devices or just some previous versions?

Personally I’ve got an 810 so would love to know this is covered (although I was secretly looking for an excuse to upgrade to a 1030 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Are you planning something similar for Stages head units?

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+1 on the 3 seconds


Onwards and upwards! :+1:


with my past TR workouts that I have done outside. I have done the WarmUp, then an interval that finishes with PressLapButton. That allows me to start the hard part when i am ready. Then depending on the workout will either have the rest portion finish with LapButton or just time.


Just wondering if it’s in the current timeline to include pushing swim and run workouts from the tri plans as garmin workouts as well. I’ve been copying them manually for now, but it would be awesome if those are a part of this new feature as well. Love all the stuff you are working on!


Edge 500s too? Or nah?


I have absolutely no knowledge of how this works from a developer side of things but with the current trainingpeaks connect iq app when you finish the planned workout it starts a new lap to do exactly what you say.

So for example at the end of my 45 minute run intervals I migh still be 5 minutes from home, the garmin doesn’t end the workout it just starts a new lap with no targets.

Works perfectly IMO.

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