Outdoor Workouts - Pushing to Garmin correctly?

Hello all!

I started listening to the podcast a couple months ago and picked up trainer road about a month ago once the outdoor training plans were announced. As some one who lives in Florida, the necessity to train indoor is pretty low and the words continually on the screen drives me a bit nuts. I’ve loved the work outs being pushed to my garmin so far!

I have had a couple times where I am out doing a work out and I wonder if my watch is correctly telling me which interval is next or if it skipped a rest period. Today I had the first time where I knew for sure it was incorrect. I was doing the ‘palisade’ workout which should be:

Warm Up:

  • Ride for 15 minutes gradually raising your power from 106 to 202.
    Main Set:
    5 sets of the following, with 6 minutes rest between sets:
  • 3x1 minute at 202, with 2 minutes at 224 between each interval.
    Cool Down:
  • 6 minutes easy.

When I started it on my garmin 735xt, it didn’t read warm up and I did not have a timer going to the lap as it usually does. I rode for a while and hit the lap button. Then it went in to the intervals as it should after a warm up. So I did 3 sets of the over under intervals but after the 3rd one it went immediately into the next 3 sets of over unders with no rest, and then it did it a third time. After nearly 30 minutes of over unders without rest I called the workout done.

I love the product and it has been working pretty great so far. It was a great hard workout but I didn’t know if anyone else had run in to the workouts not being pushed through correctly to their head unit? I tried to double check on garmin to see that it reads correctly but because it is proprietary to TR in doesn’t allow you to see the breakdown of the work out.