Garmin Training API - TrainerRoad outside workouts coming to Garmin Edge headunits

It might seem simple but there will be a bunch more stuff to do on the backend. One thing we’d want to do first is suck in your run and swim workouts. We’re backfilling that data right now. We haven’t started on the UI work though.

Looks like the Training API supports any Garmin device that supports workouts
So: Forerunner, Fenix, Edge, and vivoactive lines


Mine too. If you run the battery totally down (turn back light on, set to never go to sleep and leave overnight) it resets the battery indicator when recharged…At least for a while anyway. Never seen a reason to change from edge 500 - works perfectly and does everything I’ve ever needed!

Thanks a lot! these are great news!

One question, yesterday was my first day training outside. It was quite hard to keep exactly the watts number, since the course may vary. It was obviously more difficult than in an indoor trainer. My question: should I not be checking the three second power number, and be looking at the power average per lap? (or normalized power?).


What are these remotes? The USB stick for sensing non-BT devices?

I have a 800 that I am curious how this will work with. Just don’t know what this device is you are referring to.

  • As with inside, I think knowing the target (the max/min range) for the interval and attempting to follow that is the best route.
  • Ignore NP for sure, and I would also avoid AP. Just set a reasonable smoothing value (maybe need more for outside?) and try to keep it in the ballpark range.
  • As they have always said, you have to accept that training outside will nearly always introduce more variability. We can’t expect to have the same precision as a hyper-controlled setup on a trainer, when we move outside to variable grades, wind, and such. That is the trade-off to moving outside.

It’s an ANT+ USB antenna to sync Garmin devices that don’t have BT. Garmin sells tem, but there’s a ton of others out there.

As for your 800, it will work through the same path you currently use to push a Garmin Connect workout to your device - probably USB cable and/or ANT+ dongle.

If I can make an analogy to running intervals - for long ones (>2mins), I use actual pace (equivalent probably 3-sec power), as well as interval average pace (same for power); this allows a direct comparison of where you’ve been so far in the interval with where you are right now. For shorter intervals, actual pace (so 3-sec power) is enough, the average does not have time to settle anyways.

Thank you. That is what I thought – just the wording threw me.

Thanks a lot for your replies!

@Nate_Pearson thanks for this. Have been waiting for the hint of Wahoo integration. As of today I’ve canceled my TP membership and will rely solely on TR for annual planning & (hopefully) outdoor structured workouts.

Looking forward to it and keep up the great work!

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Sorry if it’s already been asked - but will you be pushing the Run workouts from the Triathlon Training Plans? I add these manually to my Fenix at the start of every week… And will they sync back to my calendar if I complete them rather than having to mark them as done manually?


This is fantastic news! I’ve been doing this for awhile by setting up my plan in TR, and then building the workouts in TrainingPeaks so that they can be pushed to Wahoo and I can ride them outside when needed. The idea of adapting the indoor workouts to outside workouts is a creative solution and I can’t wait to use it! I am hoping that the integration through Wahoo won’t be too difficult or delayed, as I gave up on Garmin after using their products for almost a decade, and was frustrated with buggy software on their end. Well done TR, responsive to the users and very innovative.

Another thought on the auto lap vs lap to advance:

If the intervals are close together and are meant to keep you at a high aerobic uptake we auto advance the laps (Think Gendarme).

Between sets, we’d have the lap to advance.

For things with longer rest periods, we’d do the lap to advance as I mentioned above.

This is a…

  • Good Idea
  • Bad IDea

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… and don’t forget the 520 :wink:

I think the key in outside riding is the “unknown unknowns”; in other words you can’t always be able to start/stop when you want because of traffic, etc. A “safer” way to set this up is an option for the interval to start on a user button press, so people don’t get all revved up and fly through a stop sign or whatever.

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Good idea if the lap push is only needed to start new intervals (and not to end them). For example: 3x10x30s, 30s rec: all auto, except the start of each set. You press to start the first 10x30/30, it runs until you are in the rest between first and second set; you press to start second set, and so on.


Ok so I have an Edge 520 and know this will work on my unit…totally psyched for that.

My question is does anyone know if the Edge 130 supports workouts? My partner uses an Edge 130 and if she needs a new head unit (she is also a TrainerRoad user) I want to get it now as there are some pretty good deals to be had on the 820.

DCRainMaker says no.

Thanks…I just found that and was coming back to update my post.

So next question, what about the Vivoactive 3? She has also started running and was kicking around the idea of a sport watch. This would accelerate that purchase if it would work.