🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Outside Workouts! 🎉🎉🎉

A hill is a different kettle of fish. Go ride as hard as you can on a flat road and use average power not NP and see how things pan out.

I talked to a hardware manufacturer today at Sea Otter and they weren’t quite as vague as Nate :zipper_mouth_face: :wink:

Edit: I see later in the thread the cat’s already out of the bag with Garmin and Wahoo. Great work TR crew! The last 12 months of feature releases have been really, really impressive. You’re crushing it.

What can I say? It’s the same with the bikes, I always need another one :wink: But you haven’t missed any, I don’t have a Kickr Climb yet.

@Harts That’s the point, really. I am a better climber than anything else and trying to focus on that. Nearly all of my outdoor workout intervals are executed on a climb because specificity matters. My FTP on the flats is certainly lower (as noted above) but I’m not too worried about that because I do only lower intensity there hence the error caused by the difference is not that much of a concern.

Is there a date for when the outside rides exported to a head unit will be available? I’m struggling to actually find this in this thread now it’s so huge.

Hi, there’s another thread about head unit integration. “Garmin training api” don’t know to put a link up sorry.

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Hi Nate,

Great development. I try to balance indoor and outdoor riding as much as possible (racing outdoors - need to get a feel for the road - nothing like ERG mode). I like the TR philosophy, the devlopment, the podcasts, the Blog, the training sessions and initially I subscribed for a plan, and structure with celever progressive workouts. Over the first few months, I started to use it to monitor progress, plan future workouts etc. This is when I noticed that all of my outdoor rides were generating much lower TSS scores than my head unit and Cycling Analytics (that I beenusing for the analytics aspect of training). TR support have been great at trying to sort this - but no changes . Small variations I can understand, but 10 to 20% differences make a big difference over 6 months of training. Even more significant though is when I look at the detail within an outdoor ride - eg this week - 3min VO2 efforts (Coach Chad ride - converted to oudoors) - the TR plot clearly shows the enbtire 3 minutes above FTP line - but the data presenst average power during the interval as 100watts below my FTP. I guess the point of thie ramble is that your development of outdoor function is great - but I’d need more confidence in the data being processed/analysed in the way that my indoor rides are. Just for completeness - all data is from PowerTap P1 pedals, - power match during indoor - makes me wonder where the TR data is being extracted - TR plan or my actual power data. Outdoor rides P1’s to TR manually (had ben using Strava - but thought this might be the source of erroe so stopped automatic upload) - but no mprovement.
Thanks for all the user engagement from TR staff - I hope by sharing I can add to the development process- not inteneted to knock anything or anyone.

Sunday FTP
Wednesday FTP
Different FTP depending on the bike



It will work with anything that supports workouts: Forerunner, Fenix, edge, vivoactive line.


Not yet, I do see us doing this though, it’s just not scheduled yet. There are some other higher priority things we’d like to do first.

I would check for FTPs being the same in both systems. We use Training Peaks software and WKO to test our TSS calcs. Interestingly, the two round a bit differently and you can get TSS off by 1.

Id like to see you setup a free TP account, push a workout in question and see what the TSS says with the same exact FTP in both systems. If TP and TR line up, I’d say look at Cycling Analytics.

If TP and TR Don’t line up, let us know, we’ll reproduce it and fix the issue.


Uploaded to TP - with free account I connot see how to manipulate the FTP settings for a specific week - but things are not perfectly aligned - minor variations I understand will be the norm, but some bigger variations too. If you look at my outdoor rides 31st Dec and April 7th - TR clealry too low - TP same as head unit and CA.

Thanks for looking


Virus-free. www.avg.com

Just curious if anyone is using 8 speed for outdoor workouts. I tried to do a threshold effort yesterday on a stretch of road, it was a bit rolling, and I was quickly reminded why I like erg mode lol I think I’ll have to keep an eye out for inexpensive 10 speed shifters to upgrade my bike and get to have a bit more granular control in my gearing.

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I’m sorry but it defeats the purpose of following a number outside. If the number is low then what’s the point?

Not everyone has an “outdoor FTP.” If your number is low, up the intensity just like you would indoors. :slight_smile:

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Neat feature but kind of pointless until we can easily push workouts to our Garmin/Wahoo devices (I know this is in the works.)

Currently, my iPhone sits atop my stem and I run the TrainerRoad workouts from there. It’s rather useless to me to have an “outdoor” version of the workout that isn’t giving me the power goals like the “indoor” version.

I’m going to continue to use the “indoor” workouts outside until we can push workouts to our GPS units. At that point I will re-evaluate the situation.

Good work guys! Just wish you’d have waited to announce this until you had support for Garmin/Wahoo units fully dialed in.

We polled the forum before this and 73% wanted this feature before we could push to Garmin/Wahoo devices.

This is why we launched this before we had support to push to external head units.

Would having alternative text based outside workouts (for TR workouts) be useful?


That’s a very interesting problem you’re having.

I also do TR workouts inside and out. However, the TSS from my outdoor rides and indoor rides are always spot on comparable. If anything, the outdoor rides end up being a couple points higher because it’s hard to recover at 100 watts outside. Likewise, the actual TSS shown on my Wahoo Elemnt matches the figure that ends up being recorded on the TrainerRoad calendar. This almost sounds like an equipment issue somewhere on your end.

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Well, in that case I guess I’m in the minority.

At any rate, this is going to be an amazing feature once it’s fully implemented.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the comments… there may be a technical at my end, but that doesn’t explain why TR plot data graphically which is clealry add odds with the numrical values - ie - 16k TT - ridden about 15 watts above FTP - as seen on head unit and displayed on TR plot - clearly above the FTP line shown as an average power almost 100watts less than FTP.
Similar in every ride which takes me above FTP - VO2 max intervals done outdoors - graph shows power around 285-300 watts - interval recorded as average power 130 watts… Indoor data always agrees with my head unit as it should since the head unit/P1 pedals are controlling the turbo.