Feature request: ability to push workouts to outside from app

It would be really helpful to be able to push workouts to Garmin/wahoo from the TrainerRoad mobile app.

And also be able to delete/modify plan builder plans that are in place.


We are working on a mobile app revamp right now that will bring further functionality into the iOS and Android platforms, bringing them into line with what is possible from the website.

Thanks for your patience, we’re working hard to get this update out in the wild :+1:.


Sounds good, thanks

This! Being able to click that Outside box from the app would be nice!

Any ETA on the new app??


Sadly we do not release ETA info for unpcoming features since software development is inherently hard to predict. Especially with the full app overhaul, there are so many moving parts that it is hard to predict time-frame accurately.

What I can say, is that we have been completing rides internally with the internal beta version of the app and we are working hard to get it ready for public beta testing.


How do we show our interest testing the upcoming iOS beta when it is ready? I am not sure how TR has done beta testing in the back or how large of a group you use.

Keep an eye in the “Announcements” section of the forum, as we will announce Beta Access there first :slight_smile: