Fall Strategy Training Plan Dilemma -- Low Volume

Hey everyone! I’m finishing out my first year as a TR disciple. :slight_smile:

TR has been transformational…once I trusted in the science and the process.

I am an experienced recreational cyclist (cycling for 30yrs, 54yrs old, 6’2" -193lbs) who will annually do 2-3 warm weather races (mtb and gravel) and a lot of longer weekend group rides and/or long solo adventures. TR has allowed me to maximize results while refining my training time.

In late fall of 2021 I purchased a Wahoo Kickr and signed up for TR. My life schedule only allows for low volume training. I started with a TR Base, then moved to Builder, then specialized with a climbing plan. I also sprinkled in a couple of A-race plans.

I podiumed in each race this year (50+ class) and, on weekend rides, I can hang with younger-lighter riders. My longer rides are typically 50-100 miles with plenty of elevation.

As I head into fall, I’m wondering if I should choose a builder plan (overall bike fitness) or if I should opt for specialized training that would specifically emphasize the training that I benefit most from given my context? (For context, I live in Almost Heaven WV, where the climbs are steep and the mtb trails/gravel roads abound. Therefore, I rely on climbing-endurance strength for most rides.)

Thanks for your input!


So last year was extremely successful?

I’d be tempted to repeat it in its entirety.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Almost always the answer is more base

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Volume is king KLAXON!