Allow me to introduce myself

Hey all. Just wanted to say hey. I’m a 48 year old guy who has been riding bikes for 25 years or so. Mind you I say riding not training. I’ve never trained. I want to get faster and stronger. I will be getting a Wahoo Kickr in the very near future and plan to start TR in November. Been lurking about the forums for a week or so reading and gathering information.

I’m currently riding between 200-250 miles a week so I have a good base.

Any suggestions on where to start with TR? I live in the midwest and plan on doing plenty of fatbiking over the winter. Trying to figure out how to fit that into my TR program.


Welcome. In general, you should determine if you have a specific target event or season. If so, that event type and deadline will dictate your plan. You pick the Base, Build and Specialty to suit that goal, and set it backwards with the end day to the current day.

If you are just doing general fitness with no timeline, I’d suggest Sweet Spot Base (Low or Mid Volume) and then a Build that looks fun.

You can get some discipline specific guidelines on this help page:


I haven’t picked an A event yet but I know for sure that I want to do a local 2 man time trial that is 30 minutes in July. I would like to do a few other time trials as well as I’m more interested in pushing myself to the limits rather than a group race(although being able to hammer in the local group ride will be a plus)

Thanks for the reply!

Overly simple idea to start:

  1. Sweet Spot Base

  2. General Build (if you want some options for kicks and sprint efforts) or Sustained Power Build (to focus on continuous efforts)

Then see where you are at that point and adjust as needed.