Training outside - Low Volume or Train Now

Hi. I was after some advice. This weekend see’s my first A race (MTB XCO) which I have been using TrainerRoad for on a Mid-Volume plan since January 5th. I was completely new to TR and I have gained 10w with Adaptive training.

So as of next week, my calendar is empty. My next two A Races are May 1st (Road Bike Time Trial) and July 24th (MTB XCO) With the MTB my major goal in July.

Listening to the TR podcast a couple of weeks ago (E355) it was suggested that when the spring comes and like riders me want to transition to outdoor training, that Either a ‘Low Volume’ plan or Train Now would work best.

Now that the daylight saving has changed here in the UK, my Club evening 10 mile Time Trials have started on Tuesday Evenings which I will be doing. Then In May a local Fiday night MTB XC series starts up. With potentially one of these events (B/C support Races) happening each week I just wondered what the best option for me to train is. Low volume or Train now?

When riding outdoors I’ll be riding my Road Bike with a power meter in a very rolling terrain


I went to a LV plan so AT does the thinking for me wrt ‘A’ events. TN will I think could recommend you something like a VO2max wo the day or two before an ‘A’ race when its maybe better to have a taper week. My understanding is that TN gets the best wo for you at the time based on passed history, whereas AT will plan to get you in the best shape for a future event. You can of course over rule TN in that eventuality but you have to do the thinking not the machine :joy:

My suggestion would be to keep the LV plan, as it is structured and progressive towards your goals. But rather than calling these 10 mile TT’s C races, I’d suggest treating them as your threshold workout for the week (rearranging the calendar as necessary). You can make these an Outside Ride, and then associate the TT with that workout afterwards.

Agree with what everyone has said, LV and then add stuff around at dependent on what you are doing. You’ve got a solid core of structure then to hang everything else around.