Failed last week's Lamarck and this should be a rest week.....which workout to do!?

Hey guys,

I am at the end of my training block, I started out with SSB1 and then continued the next block with the workout trainer.
Last week should have been quite hard, but due to life I wasn’t able to do any workouts besides Lamarck.
During the first interval of the workout I realized that my HR was waaay to high and it felt really hard, so I quit the workout and decided to rest two days - didn’t feel well the next day.
Saturday I went for an outdoors gravel ride of 55km that felt quite hard, my heart rate was quite often way above my threashhold.

According to my training plan this should be a really easy week with an FTP test next week.
However, I’d like to get a workout in tonight…what do you recommend?
Just give Lamarck another go or something a bit easier? What do you suggest?


Personally, I’d take the rest week. Your heart rate could be an indication that you’re not at 100%. Don’t let sickness set you back.


Couldn’t agree more with @PusherMan.
Take the rest week and avoid a possible setback from getting sick.

Thanks guys - but besids the outdoors ride past Saturday that’ll mean that I’ll go into the Ramp test next week with no proper training 2 weeks prior to that. Not sure what effect that’ll have or what it might mean for the test result?

How about an easy workout like Baxter -1?

I would take the rest now, see how you feel this week, and do your “extra” workout at the end of the week if you’re raring to go.

Only you know your body. Rather than focusing on the lack of training up to this point, imagine the effect a week off the bike due to possible illness could have.

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Reeeeessssssttttt :sleeping_bed:


You might get a more sustainable training level out of it and be in better shape for build which is a good bit harder. If Lamark was a blow up and that was only workout for the week with multiple rest days going in, could be a sign that FTP is set a bit too high. My understanding and limited experience is that completing Lamark is a solid validation that ftp is set pretty well.