Lamarck kicked me, thankful for the recovery week

I just got off of the trainer, and finished the final week, besides the recovery week, for my Base Phase 2. I do low volume and do Tuesday, Thursday (90 min), and Sunday workouts, with cross training at Orange Theory on Wednesdays.

I did Leconte on Thursday, and did well, and noticed that my average heart rate dropped 4 bpm, and my NP went up by 4 watts from the comparable 90 minutes the week before.

I took my two days off, and tried to tackle Lamarck today, and it just wasn’t happening. I was able to do the first interval, but 8 minutes into the second one, my cadence just dropped heavily (93-94 average) and I spiraled and couldn’t recover. I dropped the power 5% and basically ground (75-85) the gears to the finish. My heart rate didn’t even hit the levels it would normally go to when I am pushing it extremely hard. A bit disheartening considering the previous workouts. I have been seriously looking forward to this recovery week, since physically and mentally I have been feeling exhausted with the efforts.

Should I just count this one for “Fatigue caught up to me?” This happen to anyone else?

Sometimes we have bad days for no apparent reason. You finished, though, and got fitter. Now recover hard.

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IMO Sweet spot base 2 needs to be split up. Having 5 weeks before a recovery week is tough. On a personal level, things start going south in weeks 4/5 and I usually have to take a few days off and then complete weeks 4 & 5 again.

Going forward I’m going to complete weeks 1 to 3, take a recovery week, then do weeks 3 to 5 and a recovery week.

If you only failed the last workout, don’t worry about. Take a well deserved recovery week and move on to build. :+1:

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Lamarck kicks a lot of people, I shouldn’t worry. Leconte isn’t exactly a walk in the park, so I suspect that, and the accumulated fatigue from SSB2, just took your legs. Easy week, eat well, and wait for the FTP gain!

Edit: HR not quite getting there even when working ‘flat out’ is a classic fatigue sign. So I’m fairly sure that yes, ‘fatigue caught up’.


This is exactly where I am right now, and I have come to a similar conclusion. I struggled through the mid-week threshold workout, and cracked early on Carpathian Peak +2. I swapped to Looking Glass. Juneau -1 was OK today, but typically I find that workout super easy.

I am going to insert a recovery week and then do the last two really hard weeks, recovery week. This is my second time through base 2. In Nov I was wrapping up high volume base 2 and felt awesome. I had a failed transition to build, then mixed results on a mini VO2 focused build, then started MV 2. I’ve failed a few workouts already in the MV plan…the hard workouts are really, really hard.

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