Rest week blues

you know that feelin, when you’ve been gaining gaining gaining for months, doing rest weeks nicely, then suddenly, with lots of fatigue, you mess up rest week, then…

boom, you drop 34 watts in your ramp test and know its coming from 10 mins in.

time to repeat rest week, you think?

Been there, done that.
I decided to take another 3 days of rest leave my ftp where it was and then fo a workout I knew I could execute perfectly just to get my confidence back. After that I got on with the plan.
It worked for me but YMMV

having just googled YMMV :rofl: :rofl: i have a RR tomorrow and then i’ll repeat last weeks rest week, and retest.

going from doing 4 x 5min @ +320watts 7 days ago to hitting the wall at ftp 250 in ramp today, there was a stern letter sent and internal meetings held to follow the rules of rest better lol


Probably a good approach for long term improvements!

I just don’t Ramp Test.

Thank you, Adaptive Training.

So when does this happen?

It wants me to do a ramp test just as frequently as before.

you don’t have to test, but they do prefer you would test.

They’re in the training plans but you can skip them just like any other workout. AT doesn’t care either way.

My Sweet Spot and Threshold progression levels are around 4.0 at my currently set FTP. Challenging but doable. I would most certainly fail a 6.0 workout in those zones, so I’ve got my work cut out for me and I don’t need a ramp test to confirm that.

BTW you don’t need to be in AT Beta to know your progression level. You’ll just need to keep track of it manually.

Rest or recovery ? Recovery volume is just down while your body is adapting. Yeah down weeks suck and I’m generally more irritable during them but you don’t always need a full week. I’ve started the next weeks worth of build 4 days of recovery if my body is telling me I’m ready.

It will vary person to person and vary based on load but recovery weeks are just part of the process. Better than being off the bike for 6 weeks like I’ve been.

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