Bad FTP ramp test, working thru the next few sessions

Last week, after coming out of sweet spot base I got a nice 10% bump in FTP. I just recently finished build 1 sustained power and during the ramp test I just did not have it (ftp result was minus 10%)

No panic here, my thinking is that I did not rest hard enough during the rest week. So skipped the next day’s easy ride and I was able to accomplish the next few intervals at my the prescribed power (using my previous FTP).

This week I had to travel Monday/Tuesday for work so swapped he easy Wednesday ride to Tuesday on the Hotel gym’s bike and then Wednesday did the VO2 max interval ride with no issues. Thursday the workout was Budawang + 3 which was 5x9 mins 102% ftp interval. Legs crapped out at the end of the second interval and I managed to do the last 3 intervals at 93-95% of prescribed power.

So far I’m thinking I’m adjusting to what the fatigue/legs are telling me. Come Saturday I should be ok again but if still feeling general fatigue I may look to recover more. On track or am I missing something?

I’m a little confused by your first paragraph, what dates did you have the good and bad ramp tests? You say last week you had a 10% bump, but then say you dropped 10%???

Are you doing anything outside of the bike workouts? Weight lifting or other cross training? Are you stressed at work to an unusual degree?

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Good ramp test was Jan 14 (was after sweet spot base 2). Bad ramp test Feb 11 ( after sustained power build 1. On the bad test i Did feel fatigued going into it and so I don’t truly think ftp went down.

No extra workouts or stress at the moment.